Web Portal Development

Web Portal Development is a multi-dimensional operation of knowledge and expertise at many levels, to ensure excellent results time after time. Attitude Infotech offers end to end solutions based on vast experience to build interactive and efficient eCommerce web portals for our clients. Attitude Infotech is innovative and cost effective web portals are expertly designed to maintain critical unique brand identity with maximum visibility for you.

Our web portal expertise encompasses setting up job portals, travel portals, B2C portal development, auction portals, e-Commerce portals, matrimonial portals, real estate portals, B2B portal development, social networking sites and more. Our specialty is creating customized user-friendly web portal web solutions for you which are easy for your customers to navigate through.

Our  Development Service Offerings

1. Enterprise Web Portal Development
This exclusive web portal development is for clients who need enterprise applications, corporate database and systems along with enterprise working module. This enterprise solution helps organizational and business enterprises to put forward the desired communication to the public. Among the most convenient way to co-ordinate business issues with the relevant target audience is effectively communicating to the masses. This web portal development helps in showcasing and communicating with the global audience.

2. Community Web Portal Development
Community Web Portals are developed by our in-house efficient highly experienced technical team who ensure that clients are able to interact regularly and effectively with the masses and its customers, thus generating market and brand awareness. These community web portals also ensure the translation of this interaction into effective e-commerce. We offer the development of these exclusive web portals on the basis of its requirement as in broad base, vertical or horizontal.

3. E-commerce Web Portal Development
We offer exclusive services that collectively bring together buyers and sellers on the same platform of Web Portal. These exclusive platforms for B2B platforms, we offer solutions that manage every aspect of business and effectively build operational e-marketplaces, which is virtual in nature but highly practical in usage.

4. Intranet Portal Development
Intranet portal helps in accentuate effective and effort-less communications within organizations. This exclusive intranet web development provides our client’s employee base the opportunity to access a wide range of internal data and information which helps in the easy and smooth functioning of the company or organization. Through this Intranet Web Portal Development data, information and other resource data is exchanged within a particular organization, this data in protected from the outside and cannot be accessed by anybody outside the particular organization.

5. B2C Customer Portal
Either for selling consumer goods or providing services, a self-service portal comes as just the right tool for establishing long term relations with customers. Taking usability parameters (navigation, response time, credibility, reliability, and content) as a minimum requirement, we ensure your portal’s convenience in a range of functions:

  • advanced order placement (e.g. custom services created with user participation)
  • order and service management (e.g. (de)activating a service)
  • wide choice of secure payment options
  • announcements about service provision changes
  • personalized recommendations
  • account, purchase and payment history review