Getting more traffic & good search engine ranking in a search engine has never been easy. As people have started learning & implementing new techniques to get better results, search engines are refining their algorithms. Since search engines have become smarter & intelligent, it’s not just good content on your website which could get you #1 position in search engines. Along with content, a website should do On Page & Off Page optimization to get desired results.

There are a number of things you can do “off your web page” to improve your search engine page rank and increase targeted visitor traffic to your web site. This is the area known as off-page optimization. Off-page factors should be carefully considered and implemented to achieve a higher search engine ranking. These factors are primarily tied to the site’s linking (inbound and outbound) techniques.

How popular are the web sites that link to your site and the sites you link to? Are the inbound links to your website are relevant to your site’s content? Each link to your web site from another web site (i.e., backlink) is considered “vote” to your site’s popularity. These votes/inbound links can increase the importance of your web site from the search engine’s prospective and that’s how your website starts getting ranked high & brings in more visits.

We have a team of dedicated for high quality SEO Services and web site development of international standards of websites. For link popularity, all the links secured here are manually built and we hate using any software or automated program for proving high quality links to our clients. Attitude Infotech team members visit sites manually, check their themes and PR (page Rank) and then contact their webmasters individually. This enables them to reply and follow up with them individually so they can, at any point, ensure the quality of the links project site is provided.

Some Off-Page Optimization techniques include:

1. Search Engine Submission to various search engines like Google, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista, DMOZ etc.

2. Directory Submission to improve web popularity of your website

3. Article / Press Release Submission to improve web popularity of your website

4. Classified / Blog Posting to improve web presence of your website

5. Link Popularity / Link Building to improve inbound links to your website



Off-page SEO gives them a very good indication how the world looks at a particular website.

1. Increase in ranking: The website will rank higher in the SERPs and this also means more traffic.

2. Increase your PageRank: PageRank is a numeric measure Google gives to each individual web page on your website based on the number and quality of the links to each page.

3. Increase your website’s exposure: More exposure is what you want, since more exposure improves the chances of getting more visitors and more customers. By using off-page SEO to increase your page ranking, which helps to increase your SERP rankings, you’ll end up increasing the exposure of your website, thereby drawing even more traffic to your website.